What Candles Sell Best?

Candles That Sell Best

Every candle maker is looking for the best selling product they can produce, this includes a variety of container sizes, container types, fragrances, and the number of wicks.

Figuring out which candles sell the best can sometimes come down to where you live and where your customer base is because tastes can be regional.

In addition, it can be seasonal. The types of candles people buy in the summer and spring will have much different fragrances than the types that are popular in the fall and winter.

Sales By Candle Size

Through my own experience and what I have picked up from other candle makers through Facebook groups and Reddit is that certain things remain a constant when it comes to selling candles. What size candles sell best?

The best selling candle size is 8 oz candles. While it is important to offer a variety of sizes, 8 oz candles appear to be the best seller for most candle makers. Any larger than 8 oz and you get into more expensive multi-wick candles and any smaller and the candle just isn’t large enough.

Although 8 oz candles are the best sellers, it is important to carry a few different sizes. You can carry a 4 oz or a 6 oz candle with a slightly higher margin than the 8 oz candle, and you can carry a 12 oz+ multi-wick candle that comes with a premium price.

This is to increase the perceived value of your 8 oz candles and allow you to focus the majority of production on 8 oz candles. Allowing you to increase profitability through economies of scale.

Sales By Candle Type

Sales numbers by candle type are another important consideration. Some people may be fine for settling for a lesser quality grocery store paraffin wax candle they can get for $5.

However, others may be more open to paying $15 or more for a quality handcrafted all-natural soy wax candle. This will depend on your marketing strategy. What type of candle sells best?

Soy wax candles have quickly become the best selling type of candle available. Although, paraffin wax candles still enjoy strong numbers due to their affordability and availability through commercial retail. However, as of late even some large commercial candle produces have begun the change to soy wax.

Changing to soy wax is inevitable given the affordability of soy wax and the health concerns related to paraffin wax. In addition, many large candle producers that work with paraffin wax are already using some type of soy wax blend.

Sales By Candle Fragrance

You will see a lot of different answers when it comes to asking other candle makers about what their top-selling fragrances are, however, some fragrances always seem to make it into the top 10. What are the best selling candle fragrances?

Some of the best selling candle fragrances are lavender, vanilla, pumpkin, cinnamon, and a variety of essential oil fragrances. In addition, some seasonal fragrances such as pumpkin spice, sugar cookies, peppermint are also popular through the holiday season. Some fragrance preferences are also regional.

If you check the best selling fragrances by region and any of the major fragrance oil suppliers websites. You will see that the best selling fragrances do vary by region.

The top selling fragrance in Michigan will be very much different than the top selling fragrance in Miami.

This is something you must consider when establishing your product line and your marketing plan. If you are selling locally you may want to work on a different fragrance lineup than if you are selling nationally.

Sales By Candle Container Type

With so many types of fragrances and wax types available it is worth mentioning the different types of containers on the market. While a variety of container types exist, one type appears to be the clear leader. What is the best selling candle container type?

The best selling candle container type is wide-mouth glass containers such as jelly jars and tumblers. While mason jars, apothecary jars, and tins have their fans and can be quite popular, the top-selling candle container type is wide-mouth glass containers.

Container type can also be somewhat regional and season but in general you will find wide-mouth glass containers are popular year-round.

However, during the holiday season, you will see a big push for mason jars in most regions of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular size candle?

The most popular size candle is in the range of between 8 oz to 10 oz. In general, larger candles do not sell as often while they can have a higher sell price, and candles any smaller are not very effective scented candles.

What is the most popular candle type?

The most popular candle type is jars and glass containers. These types of containers are widely used because glass can be quite temperature resistant and are easily accessible and affordable. In addition, they provide a pleasing aesthetic while burning to let you see the flame and wax.

Why is soy wax so popular?

Soy wax is popular for candle making because it is all-natural and free of many of the carcinogens that you can find in alternatives such as paraffin wax. In addition, soy wax is derived from domestically grown soybeans and is ethically produced unlike some brands of coconut wax.

Are candle sales going up?

Candle sales have currently increased every year for the last several years. Some candle manufacturers are even experiencing labor and material shortages at the moment, struggling to keep up with demand.

What is the best season to sell candles?

The best season for selling candles is the fall. Selling candles in the fall covers many of the popular fall scents and holiday themed candles. While Christmas is not technically in the fall, many of the Christmas candles sells that take place, happen in the fall.

How many candles are sold a year?

Currently the candles sold in the US total an estimated yearly income of more than $3 billion dollars and is growing every year.


In conclusion, when looking to see what candles sell best there are several factors to consider. What size are the containers, what are the containers made of, what are the fragrances, what season is it, and what type of wax is used to make the candles?

Each one of these factors will contribute to whatever the answer is at the time. For example, the best-selling pillar candle will have completely different specifications from the best-selling scented soy wax candle.

Like nearly everything, we get as close as we can and approximate the best answer possible. However, keep in mind what season you are in and what candle type you are working with if you want to try and estimate financial projections or put together an effective marketing plan.

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