What Are Candle Wick Stickers?

candle wick stickers

Candle wicks are the most important part of a candle, and a lot goes into making sure that a candle wick performs as it should. The candle maker has to choose the right type of wick for the candle, the right size of wick for the candle and they have to make sure the wick is centered. In addition, the wick must be fastened to the container. That is where wick stickers come in.

What Are Candle Wick Stickers? A candle wick sticker is a candle accessory used by candle makers to secure wicks to the bottom of the candle container. It is about the size of an adult human thumbnail and features a double-sided adhesive for a firm grip on both the bottom of the candle container as well as the wick.

Wick stickers are an alternative to hot glue, which is used by many large candle manufacturers. Many small candle makers find wick stickers easier to work with than hot glue.

Do You Need Candle Wick Stickers? Even though it’s not necessary to use a wick sticker, it makes candle-making and securing your candle wick to the container easier. It holds the wick right at the center, helping you avoid a misaligned wick which makes for not a very good candle. It also keeps the wick in place when the wax melts.

As mentioned above, if you do not use a wick sticker then your only alternative is to use hot glue to secure the wick tab.

Using Wick Stickers

What Are Candle Wick Stickers Used for?

Wick stickers stabilize the candle wick. Wick stickers keep the candle wick in the center of the container, preventing any negatives that may arise from a candle wick burning too close to the side of the container.

Make candle making safer. With wick stickers, you do not need to use hot glue to secure the wick tab to the bottom of the candle container. Which reduces the chances that you might burn yourself.

Make it easier to make candles. Wick stickers make the candle making process easier for beginners and at-home DIY candle makers. Using wick stickers rather than hot glue just decreases the equipment you need to own.

How Do You Use Candle Wick Stickers?

  1. Remove the wick sticker from the sheet.
  2. Stick it to the bottom of your wick tab.
  3. Unpeel the other side of the wick sticker.
  4. Firmly attach it to the center of the candle container.

Pros and Cons of Candle Wick Stickers

Pros of Wick Stickers

  • Very easy and convenient with its easy peel double-sided tape.
  • It sticks to the bottom of the container with no problem.
  • With the wick fastened to the container’s bottom; it is easier to pour melted wax.

Cons of Wick Stickers

  • The stickers are a little too thick.
  • Adhesive is so sticky they pull the wick right out of the candle.
  • Sometimes, the sticker comes and flops up when the wax melts on a lit candle.

Wick Stickers vs. Hot Glue

Using hot glue is fine, but it is messier compared to the wick stickers. Hot glue tends to come off when hot wax is poured over the wick and the container. The wick sticker is convenient and not messy. It is very easy to center and stays there too. Candle wick stickers are easier to remove if not centered right. Also, you can make more candles with stickers in less time compared to hot glue.

The Best Candle Wick Stickers

240 Pcs. Candle Wick Stickers with Heat Resistant Double-Sided Adhesive

One large pack, 2cm/0.8 inch diameter, and 1mm/0.04 inch thick, with good adhesion.

PinCute 200 Pieces Candle Wick Stickers

No residue glue is left on the bottom of the bottle when removed. It has good adhesion and is made from high-quality material.

EricX Light Candle Wick Stickers

Pack of 120 pcs., heat resistant glue, a must-have for homemade candles, good adhesion

Frequently Asked Questions

What are candle wick stickers made of?

Wick stickers are made of heat-resistant foam and are double-sided with heat-resistant adhesive. Making them easy to use and effective for making candles and securing candle wicks to the bottom of candle jars.

How do you get a wick to stay in place?

You get a wick to stay in place by using wick stickers or hot glue. Wick stickers are popular with small candle makers and DIY candle makers to fasten the wick tabs to the bottom of the container, however large candle manufacturers use hot glue to fasten their wick tabs to the container.

Do candle wick stickers work?

Wick stickers work very well and are quite adhesive. They maintain their hold even after being covered in hot wax, however, do not pull on them once the wax has been poured as the heat from the wax does temporarily heat the adhesive and make it less effective until the candle cools.

How do you remove wick stickers?

Remove wick stickers by pouring hot water into the bottom of the jar and then scrape the sticker off with a butter knife. Alternatively, you can heat the jar up in a hot water bath on your stovetop. This will soften the foam wick sticker and its adhesive, making it easier to remove.

How do you stick a wick to a jar?

You can stick a wick to a jar using a wick tab in combination with a wick sticker or with hot glue. The wick tab attaches to the candle wick and holds it and then the wick tab is either attached to the jar with a wick sticker or with hot glue.


In conclusion, wick stickers can be an important accessory when it comes to the candle making process for a lot of people. They not only make the process easier, they also make it safer for many candle makers.

A lot of candle users can also appreciate how much easier to is to remove wick stickers from their candle jars. At times hot glue can be extremely difficult to remove, even after you’ve heated it up.

Wick stickers on the other hand come off fairly easy after you pour some hot water on them. Making for a more pleasant candle experience.

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