How Do You Make Essential Oil Candles Smell Stronger?

It doesn’t matter if you are a candle making hobbyist or a candle making mogul it is incredibly disappointing when your latest batch has a weak scent throw.

While several factors play into how much of a scent throw your candles have, there are still several things you can do to give your candles the best scent throw possible. Let’s take a look at some of them. How do you make essential oil candle smell stronger?

Wax additives such as Vybar added during the candle making process will allow you to use the maximum amount of fragrance oil possible when making candles. This will provide the strongest scent throw possible. In addition, using the highest quality essential oils will give you a better scent throw.

However, Vybar is not the only solution to this problem. There are several things that you can do to give your candles the best shot at having the strongest scent possible. Some of the other possibilities include wax, wax blend, wick type, wick size, and the quality of ingredients.

If you use the right combination of all of these factors then you should be able to produce the highest quality scented candles possible with the best scent throw on the market. Let’s dig a little deeper into the possible ways you can make your candles smell stronger.

Essential Oils For Candles

Increasing Candle Scent Throw

We will go through several things you can do to make your candles smell stronger and have the best scent throw possible.

How to increase candle scent throw?

  • Take correct measurements
  • Use more fragrance oil
  • Let your candles cure
  • Use wax additives
  • Make larger candles
  • Use a hotter wick
  • Make candles with lids
  • Try new fragrance oils

Some of them you may already know and some you may not. However, they are worth covering because if you are on point with each one of these steps your candles should be great!

Take Correct Measurements

In candle making measurements are made by weight, not by volume. So if you are measuring out 1 liquid oz by volume rather than weight you might be shorting yourself on fragrance oil.

So having a digital scale handy with a few different measuring containers makes candle making a lot easier. Particularly if you are making multiple batches with different types of oils.

It is important to remember that not all oils have the same volume-based off of their weight. So make sure your measurements are correct!

Use More Fragrance Oil

Fragrance oils normally come with a load range of 3%-10% if you are not using the maximum load for the type of wax you are using then do so. This will give your candle a stronger smell and increase the scent throw of your candle.

You can find out more about how much fragrance oil you should or shouldn’t be using in our article titled How Much Fragrance Oil Per Pound Of Wax.

Let Your Candles Cure

Scented candles need to cure after they’ve been poured. Even after the wax dries you should not burn the candle until it has been able to cure for a minimum of three days and a maximum of 14 days.

If you use your candles any sooner than this you might not be getting the best effect and scent throw possible from your candle.

Use Wax Additives

There are wax additives and stabilizers that you can use in your wax when making candles that will allow you to use more fragrance oil than you would otherwise be able to use. One of these additives is called Vybar.

Vybar allows you to use more fragrance in your candle without “bleeding”. The amount needed is usually 1% but you can check with your wholesale supplier for recommended amounts.

You can take a look at Vybar on the CandleScience supplies page here.

Make Larger Candles

A small candle will only be able to throw its scent in a small area no matter what the fragrance load is. So you have two options, make larger candles or use multiple small candles.

Larger candles use more fragrance oil so if you are using a larger candle you are going to have a better scent throw.

The larger the room you are going to be using the candle in the wider the diameter the candle should be. Small tins and jelly jars might be okay in your office or bedroom but they are not going to be sufficient for your living room.

Use A Hotter Wick

When you light your candle and let it burn for a few hours does the surface wax melt all the way to the side of the container? If it is not, it should be. This could be a sign that your wick is not hot enough.

If your wick is not hot enough it does not sufficiently warm the wax to the point that it begins to release fragrance oils through evaporation. Check the temperature of the wax and it should be at least 150F.

If it is not at least 150F then you need to up your wick size.

Make Candles With Lids

Making candles that have lids can help keep your candles stay smelling strong. Over time the fragrance oils in scented candles begin to evaporate and it can hurt the scent throw.

Lids will not only keep the fragrance oils from evaporating but they will also help keep out dirt and dust that can hurt the smell of your scented candles.

Try New Fragrance Oils

If everything above is on point then the problem might just be the fragrance oils that you are using. If you want to make your candles smell stronger and have a better scent throw you might need to take a look at the oils you are using.

Warm some of your fragrance oils up to about 150F which is the temperature they will reach in the molten wax of your candle. If the smell is not super strong then you need to consider replacing your fragrance oils. Make sure you do not exceed the flashpoint of the fragrance oil you are testing.

Make sure you research the fragrance oil manufacturers and the wholesale dealers and read every review you can find. If someone is selling a bad product it is hard to hide it with all of the information available online. You can never go wrong with a reputable manufacturer or wholesaler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions related to making stronger smelling candles, scent throw, and fragrance oils.

What Candle Wax Holds the Most Fragrance?

Paraffin wax is used in the strongest smelling candles. However, if you are interested in essential oils you might be more interested in Soy Wax. It is renewable and is one of the most popular types of wax in scented candle making.

What Happens If You Put Too Much Fragrance Oil In A Candle?

If you put too much fragrance oil in a candle it can cause it to “bleed” or “sweat”. This is the oil seeping out of the candle. Too much fragrance oil can also cause your wick to get clogged and extinguish itself.

What Essential Oils are Good for Candle Making?

Here are some of the most popular essential oils in candle making.

  • Citrus
  • Sandalwood
  • Lavender
  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cedarwood
  • Petitgrain
  • Patchouli


In conclusion, it is probably not just one thing that is killing your candle’s scent throw. If you want to make your candle smell stronger you are going to have to go up the list and check off the causes one by one until you find out which one or which ones might be holding you back.

Personally, I like to start with small batches, record all my measurements, let them cure and then test them out. You do not have to make just one batch and wait for it to cure. Make 5 different batches of 3 oz tins trying different additives, wicks, and essential oils. Let them cure for two weeks with the lids on in a cool place and then test them out.

If they are good sell them, offer them to your friends or use them yourself. If they are not good they are a business write-off and a lesson learned. Just remember to write everything down and label the candle tins.

Essential Oils For Candles

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