Why Is My Candle Wick Leaning?

candle wick leaning

When using and making candles it is never a good thing to see your candle wick leaning over to one side of the container. This is going to give you an uneven burn, uneven heat distribution throughout the container, and it can even damage the container holding the candle. This issue can happen because of a few different reasons. Why is my candle wick leaning?

If the wick is leaning to one side it is because the wick was not centered or because the melt pool has become too deep. When the melt pool becomes too deep less of the wick is supported by hardened wax which can allow it to lean off to the side in the molten wax pool.

Leaning Wicks Explained

Even if you are careful to ensure that the wicks are placed in wick tabs and are well attached to the base of the containers or jars that you are using, you may notice that the wicks still tend to lean when burning–despite being in a perfect vertical position when the candles are in the process of setting.

The reason that you notice the wick leaning is due to the fact that the wax is sometimes burning at a pace that is too fast, which results in leaving no support for the wick to remain in an upright position. Another reason why you will notice the wick not centered is due to the fact that the candle is burning at a temperature that is too hot.

Moreover, the candle may be burning for a period that is too long. It is wise to check the colors and fragrances that you use in the candles that you make, as they can contribute to the process of the candles becoming too hot and burning too fast. This then can result in you noticing the wick not centered.

Fixing A Leaning Wick

When you notice a candle wick leaning, there are some things that you can do to fix it, though it is common for candles to have a wick not centered as a result of the wax melting more quickly on a particular side. How do you fix a leaning wick?

Fix a leaning wick by blowing the candle out and pushing the wick back into a vertical position. When the wax hardens your candle wick will be back in the position it should be.

A draft will contribute to your candle burning in an uneven manner due to the creation of a continuous stream of air that is heated because of the flame of the candle. The draft will push this air against one particular side of the candle.

If you would like your candles to burn more evenly without the problem of the wick leaning, you can prevent burning your candles in the presence of a draft. The reality is that even a small draft can cause this issue.

In addition, during the process of creating candles,there may be a defect in the candle with the wick not centered. When a candle has a wick not centered, this can potentially result in the candle burning in an uneven manner. In order to overcome this type of problem, it is best to make the effort to ensure that your candle wick is placed directly in the center of the candle when you are making the candle.

Or if you buy a candle, be sure to check the positioning of the candle wick. If the wick is not perfectly centered, then you should not buy that candle. You should opt for one that has a wick that is well centered.

Preventing Wicks From Leaning

When you have the problem of a candle wick leaning, you certainly want to be able to prevent your candle wick from veering off to the side.

It is lovely to be able to light your candles, not only for special occasions but for any time that you desire to bask in the pleasant flickering glow of candles that adds a nice, relaxed, and cozy ambiance to your space. In order to enjoy your candles, you need to make sure that the candle wicks do not lean. How do you prevent a candle wick from leaning?

Prevent candle wicks from leaning by keeping the wick trimmed to its manufacturer’s suggested length. In addition, you can avoid leaning candle wicks by making sure you are not using too large a wick for the candle you are making. A wick that is too large will melt too much wax and cause leaning.

It is best to make sure that the candle will be burning long enough to ensure that the wax has melted down enough to form a pool that is uniform on all sides, as this will help to prevent the candle wick from leaning. But do be mindful that you should never burn your candle for more than four hours at a time.

This is due to the fact that this can certainly contribute to the wick leaning since wax then tends to melt more on one side than the other side if the candle is burning for too long of a time. Your candle wick can lean to one side when it is too short. This then can cause the wax to pool around the wick to make it lean to one side.

That is why you should ensure that the wick of your candle is always a good length.

Then you will not experience this problem. In order to rectify a wick that is too short, you can burn the candle and pour out the melted onto a paper plate to keep the wax from drowning the wick and causing it to lean to the side any further or to prevent this from happening at all if you notice that the wick is quite short.

Recentering A Candle Wick

It truly is awesome to have lovely candles to enjoy. Sometimes the wicks of your candles can tend to lean to one side. When you notice the wick not centered, you can recenter the wick. How do you recenter a candle wick?

Recenter a candle wick by placing your fingers on the end of the wick and then you can slide the wick back to its correct position in the center of the candle. If the wick is still hot, move it using a wick dipper or a butter knife. Once the wick is in place, let the wax harden before lighting the candle again.

Doing this may be easier if the wax of the candle is yet somewhat warm once the flame of the candle has been extinguished.

If you recenter the wick when it is still warm, do not do this with your fingers to ensure that you do not get burned. The back of a spoon is a great tool to aid you to recenter the wick of your candle in a safe manner. Now it is time to enjoy your candle once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do candle wicks bend over?

Candle wicks bend over in the container when the melt pool of wax begins to become too deep for the wick to support itself. In addition, if the wick does not have a core, it’s not thick enough or if it has not been pre dipped it can also contribute to the wick bending over.


In conclusion, a leaning candle wick can usually come down to someones error. An error by the person that made the candle, or an error by the person using the candle. However, the good news is that it is a problem that is generally pretty easy to overcome.

Push the wick back to the center, let the wax harden, trim the wick down to 1/8 of an inch and do not burn the candle for more than a few hours at a time. If you follow those steps then you should minimize the issues with a leaning wick, even if you are not the person that caused the problem.

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