Candle Making Supplies Near You & Wholesale Candle Suppliers

When making candles as a hobby you will find that ordering online is usually sufficient, but when you start selling a lot of candles those shipping bills are going to add up. When that happens you might be better off finding a supplier you can visit in person and pick up your supplies.

Where to find candle making supplies near me? Buying candle supplies online is the easiest option for the vast majority of people. However, below is a list of the best candle supply option in every state. In addition, we have included candle making suppliers in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Regretfully, we were not able to find a candle making supplier in every state. However, we will update the list as often as possible.

If you know of a candle making supplier that deserves to be on our list feel free to reach out to us and we will add it!

Map Of Candle Making Suppliers and Wholesale Suppliers

Where To Buy Candle Making Supplies Near You

USA Candle Making Supplies By State

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina

International Candle Making Suppliers

New Zealand
United Kingdom

USA Candle Making Suppliers

Where to find candle making supplies in the United States


Where to find candle making supplies in Alabama

Community Candle Supply

Address: 176-B Chandalar Place Drive Pelham, AL 35124

Contact number: (205) 624–4445.


They carry almost everything; from the waxes to the fragrance oils, you name it, they got it. The store requires you to place an order online at least 24 hours before requesting a pick-up. Generally, the orders are shipped within 1–3 after processing.


Where to find candle making supplies in Arizona

Arizona Mad Oils


This company has a wide variety of fragrance oils and essential oils.

Therapy Garden


According to the website, the best way to contact the store is via email. They do not have all the supplies needed, but you can get different waxes and fragrance oils from them. They ship all over the US.


Where to find candle making supplies in Arkansas

Chemistry Connection:

Contact number: 501–470–9689




Where to find candle making supplies in California

General Wax

Address: 6863 Beck Avenue, N. Hollywood, CA 91605

Contact number:(800) 929–786


They offer free shopping on orders above $50.

Pure Fragrance Oils


Contact number: (909) 354–8839

They have excellent fragrance oils that make marvellous scented candles. From floral to musky, earthy to fruity, they have got you covered. You can trust them with your business and make them your go-to place for all fragrance needs.



Vinewick specializes in wicks, moulds and even candle-making kits. If you are an amateur and do not want to jump straight into complexity, getting a candle-making kit to familiarize yourself with the process is an excellent idea. The delivery time depends upon the delivery service being used and can vary from 3–10 days.

San Francisco Herb Co.


Contact Number: (800) 227-4530

Address: 250 14th Street San Francisco, CA 94103

There has been a sudden rise in the use of essential oils in Candle Making. People call it aromatherapy and the demand is increasing every day. You can order get excellent quality essential oils from this store.

California Candle Supply


Contact Number: 626-609-8373

Address: 835 E. Route 66 Glendora, CA 91740

The store carries a variety of waxes which opens many doors for experimentation. Furthermore, they also carry fancy jars for the candles that can help up the game.

The Box Co-op


Contact Number:  800-555-1778

Packaging is an essential part of the business and can make or break the deal. Therefore, to sort out your packaging troubles, contact the store.


Where to find candle making supplies in Colorado

Elements, Bath & Body (EBB):


All sorts of containers, fragrance oils and waxes are available at the store. The shipping time is 1-3 days.


Where to find candle making supplies in Connecticut

Chemessence, Inc.


Contact Number: 860-355-4108

Address: 180 Sunny Valley Rd. #15 New Milford,CT 06776

At Chemessence, they offer an extensive collection of fragrance oils. For those of you who are looking to make scented candles, you can find quality products at this store at an affordable price.


Where to find candle making supplies in Florida

Essential Depot


Address: 2029 US Hwy 27 South,
Sebring, FL 33875

Located in Sebring, FL, Essential Depot provides essential oils, fragrance oils and a variety of soap making supplies. In addition, they have free shipping on certain items.

Lumont Candle Supply


Contact Number: (786) 353-4724

Address: 8600 NW South River Dr Miami, FL 33166

Lumont is a wholesale distributor of all candle making supplies. The store does not only sell fragrance oils, wicks and waxes but also lush jars of glass, ceramic and tin along with excellent quality packaging.

Mad Oils


Contact Number: 561-845-0050
Address: 1860 Okeechobee Road, Building 300

West Palm Beach, Florida 33409

Mad oils offer colourants and premium quality fragrance oils. They have also started offering colourants.

Sunshine Candle Supply


Contact number: 941-413-7076

Address: 4023 sawyer rd #103
Sarasota, Florida  34233

Sunshine Candle Supply has everything that you may need for candle making. Custom fragrances, waxes, wicks, dyes and molds are all available at the Sunshine suppliers. Along with that, they also have a team of graphic designers to help you with your packaging and label needs.

Wicks Unlimited


Address: 1515 SW 13th Ct
Pompano Beach, Florida, 33069

Wicks Unlimited produces wax coated wicks on reels with wick clip assemblies and sustainers.


Where to find candle making supplies in Georgia

Aromatic Fragrances International


Contact number: 770-334-3906

Address: 85 Wansley Drive

Cartersville, GA 30121

Aromatic Fragrances International offers you a wide range of high quality fragrances along with custom fragrances based on your own needs for your business. You can also ask for specific blends and they will provide you options based on your specific needs.

The Flaming Candle


Contact Number: 770-505-4999

Address: 71 Southern Court Hiram, Ga. 30141

The Flaming Candle is a candle making supply business that sells waxes, wicks, dyes and high quality candle containers. They also sell high quality concentrated fragrance oils that are phthalate free.

Fragrance Buddy


Fragrances are the most important element of any scented candle. The Fragrance Buddy offers you a wide range of fragrances at affordable prices so that you can boost your business the way you want.

Soap Goods


Located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Soap Goods is a online store only. It offers essential oils, fragrance oils, beeswax and containers.


Where to find candle making supplies in Idaho

CPS Container & Packaging Supply


Contact Number: 1 (800) 473-4144

Address: 1345 East State Street

Eagle, ID 83616

If you have a candle making business and are looking for containers and jars for your candles then this business surely has some exciting options for you. They also offer labels and packaging design services.


Where to find candle making supplies in Illinois

DPS Morris


Contact Number: (815) 462-0939

Address: 1601 Fairfax Trafficway, North Entrance Next to KC Hot Rods

Kansas City, KS  66115

Wax is the most basic element of candle making. DPS Morris provides you with high quality industrial, commercial, soy and kosher waxes to suit your needs. With the waxes they provide, you can create your own unique and different categories of candles.

Gateway Food Products


Contact Number:1728 North Main Street

Dupo, Illinois 62239

Address: (618) 286.4844

If your business provides soy candles and you are looking for Soy Wax, then you will surely find Gateway Food Products helpful since they offer soy wax of excellent quality and at affordable prices.

Pure Essential Supply


Contact Number:630-262-2522.

Address: 1835 Wallace Ave

St Charles, IL 60119

Pure Essential Supply offers fragrance oils at wholesale prices. The oils are undiluted and concentrated.

Scented Nest Candle Making Supplies


Contact number: 877-287-9769

Address: Charleston,  IL 61920

Scented Nest offers eco-friendly candle making supplies for soy candles. You will find premium quality oils at scented nest along with wicks and containers to fulfill your needs.


Where to find candle making supplies in Indiana

Indiana Candle Supplies


Indiana Candle Supplies is a computer-based business that provides you with all the supplies that you may need for making candles. The fragrance oils they provide are not only affordable but also of premium quality since they don’t have a high profit margin.



Contact Number: 1-800-648-1123

Address: 4004 Technology Dr.

South Bend, IN 46628

Lebermuth offers premium quality fragrances created by talented perfumers who use their in-depth knowledge to create perfect blends of fragrances.

Millcreek Soy Wax Candle Supply (MC)


Contact Number:  574.653.2098

Millcreek Soy Wax Candle Supply (MC) is an internet wholesale company that offers you a wide range of candle making supplies at a wholesale price. Their fragrance oils do not contain any phthalates since they can be harmful.

Nurture Soap Supplies


Contact Number:260-200-1081

Address: 1370 Swan St. Huntington IN. 46750

Nurture Soap Supplies provides phthalate free fragrance oils. You can order fragrances in bulk from their store.


Where to find candle making supplies in Iowa

American Soy Organics


Contact number: 8557699291

Address: 375 Industrial Avenue New Hampton, IA. 50659 US

American Soy Organics has a huge variety of candle making supplies. The wax they offer is cruelty free, vegan and sustainable.


Where to find candle making supplies in Kansas

DPS Morris


Contact number: (815) 462-0939

Address: 1601 Fairfax Trafficway, North Entrance Next to KC Hot Rods
Kansas City, KS  66115

DPS Morris provides waxes, oils and additives at a wholesale price for your business.


Where to find candle making supplies in Kentucky

Atkins & Pearce in KY


Contact number: 1-800-837-7477.

Address: Atkins & Pearce, Inc.
One Braid Way
Covington, KY 41017

United States of America

Atkins & Pearce in KY as a leading manufacturer of candle wicks, provides excellent quality and a wide range of wicks based on your own needs.


Where to find candle making supplies in Louisiana

Cajun Candle & Soap Making Supply


Contact number: (337) 643-8344.

Cajun Candle and Soap Making Supply has oils and all the other supplies for candle making.


Where to find candle making supplies in Massachusetts

CandleChem (CC)


Contact Number: (508) 586-1880

Address: 56 Intervale Street
Brockton, MA 02302

CandleChem has a huge inventory of high-quality candle making supplies. Whether you have a small business or a large one, CandleChem provides you with all the supplies and equipment that you may need for making candles.

Gemlite Soap & Candle Supply


Contact Number: 508-990-2977

Address: 50 Conduit St.
New Bedford, MA

Gemlite Soap & Candle Supply offers quality fragrances, additives and supplies required for candle making.

Jedwards International (aka Bulk Natural Oils)


Contact Number: (617) 472-9300

Address: 141 Campanelli Drive

Braintree, MA 02184

Jedwards International (aka Bulk Natural Oils) has some excellent oils and waxes for your candle making business.


Where to find candle making supplies in Michigan

Scottcrew Candle Supply


Scottcrew Candle Supply has everything that you need for candle making. These products are all high quality and are budget friendly.

Southern Scentsations


Contact Number: 734.782.2288

Address: 27419 Telegraph

Flat Rock, MI. 48134


Southern Scentsations has a full line of candle making supplies. They provide soy wax,containers of glass and tin, wicks, dyes, and a variety of fragrances. They also offer candle molds and melting equipment.



Contact Number: (800) 411-3593

Address: 33306 Glendale
Livonia, MI 48150

Wellington has a wholesale stock of more than 500 fragrances. They also offer additives, waxes, wicks, dyes, tins and containers. The order sizes are all customizable so you can order based on your own needs and on a budget.


Where to find candle making supplies in Minnesota

Northstar Country Candle Company


Contact Number: 507-235-5525

Address: Northstar Country Candle Co., LLC
PO BOX 207
Fairmont, Minnesota 56031-0207 United States

Northstar Country Candle Company offers waxes, wicks, containers, dyes, fragrance oils, additives, and all the equipment that you may need for your candle making business. Each supply also has some great variety.

Northwood Candle Supply


Northwood Candle Supply has some good inventory of candle supplies like fragrances, wax, containers, wicks, and molds. They also offer packaging and labels for businesses. You can also order custom fragrances based on your own needs.


Where to find candle making supplies in Nevada



Address: 911 Linda Way #104
Sparks, NV 89431

Candle Science is one of the most affordable and reliable candle suppliers in the United States. They have locations on both the east coast and the west coast so you can order from anywhere.


Where to find candle making supplies in New Jersey

All White Candles


Contact Number: 1-866-324-2764

Address: 1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200, Sheridan, WY 82801

All White Candles provides you with shrink wraps, white candles supplies, and packaging.

Farmhouse Candle Supply


Contact: 856-358-8072

Address: Monroeville, NJ 08343

They offer some great candle supplies at an affordable price. However, the site is unfortunately temporarily disabled.

French Color & Fragrance


Contact: +1 (201) 567-6883

Address: Englewood, NJ USA

Though they don’t have other candle supplies, they have fragrances, additives and colours for candles.

Sunshine Candle & Soap Boxes


They have some great packaging and boxes for candles and soaps. Sunshine Candle and Soap Boxes will also provide you with packages based on your own designs.

Wick It in NJ


Contact Number: (973) 249-2970

They are manufacturers and suppliers of wicks and offer high quality wicks.


Where to find candle making supplies in New York

Coogar Products


Contact Number: 1-800-724-2605

Address: PO Box 794
9 Rochambeau Ave.
Andover, NY 14806

Coogar supplies high quality mixing pumpers, wax melters and other equipment needed to fill candles. They have some great reviews from the customers and are even available in the UK and Europe.

Wax Melters


Contact Number: 888.929.6358

Address: 2221 5th Ave. #3, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

They manufacture and supply professional candle making equipment such as wax melting tanks, wax pouring systems, and filling machines.


Where to find candle making supplies in North Carolina

Candle Science (CS)


Address: 1247 Person St
Durham, NC 27703

Candle Science has candle making supplies such as a variety of oils, soy wax, beeswax, paraffin wax, jars, tins, wicks, dyes, and molds. They even offer custom packaging for businesses. They also ship from Nevada.

Indie Business Network


Contact Number: 800-882-8875.

They are a trade organization for candles and soaps.


Where to find candle making supplies in Ohio

Just Scent (JS)


Contact Number: 216-503-9361 

Just Scent has molds, paraffin waxes, and quality fragrances. They also provide fast shipping services at affordable prices.

Nature’s Garden (NG)


Contact Number: 1-440-647-0100

Address: 42109 State Route 18
Wellington Ohio 44090

They have all the candle making supplies and equipment and the plus point is they offer candle making classes and recipes.

Rustic Escentuals


Address: 7820 E Pleasant Valley Road
Independence, Ohio 44131

Rustic Escentuals, now located in Ohio, carries a variety of candle making, soap making, cosmetic , colorants and packaging.

The Candle Source


Contact Number: (937) 298-1723

Address: * 912-B Water Tower Lane, West Carrollton, Ohio * 45449

They have candle supplies and the best thing is that they have many shipping options.

The Candlemakers Store


Contact Number: 513-868-9425

They have a stock of more than 1000 fragrances, more than 90 colours of dyes, and a huge inventory of all the candle making supplies. They even have candle making equipment for those who are making candles at their homes.

Supplies 4 Candles


As the name suggests, they are Ohio based suppliers of candle making supplies and equipment.


Where to find candle making supplies in Oklahoma

Fragrance Lab


Contact Number: 918-617-5770

Address: Attn: Cindy Gooding

126 S. Broadway, Suite 103

Checotah, OK 74426 U.S.A.

Though they are not really candle supplies stores, they have some amazing stock of fragrances. Since fragrances are an essential element of scented candles, your business may need their services.


Where to find candle making supplies in Oregon

Candle Soylutions


They are wholesale distributors of soy wax and candle making supplies. The prices they offer are super affordable.


Where to find candle making supplies in Pennsylvaynia

Pennsylvania has a lot of stores and businesses that manufacture and distribute candle making supplies. 

Candles and Supplies (C&S)


Contact Number: 215-538-8552

Address: 2580 Milford Square Pike

Quakertown, PA 18951

They have a good variety of supplies for your  candle making business. They also have phthalate free fragrance oils to choose from.



Contact Number: 215-230-3601

Address: 3765 Old Easton Road

Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901

This business provides an extensive range of products at wholesale price. If you have any specific need, then they also offer custom services based on your specific needs.

EAP Innovations


Contact Number: (412) 486-9003

They are a wholesale business of candle and glass making supplies. You can also avail their custom services to have a look you need of your product and the most exciting part is that they have free shipping for lower 48 states.

Fillmore Containers (FMC)


Contact: 866-345-5527

Address: Fillmore Container

2315 Norman Road

Lancaster PA 17601 – 5930

Fillmore Containers offer candle supplies in bulk and at a wholesale price. They also have deals on their website if you are looking to save some extra money.

French Hill Country


Molds are important for any candle making business since molds help create the unique shape of the candles. Though this business does not have other candle making supplies, they do have a variety of different shapes of candle silicone molds. Silicone molds are preferred for their non-stick surface which allows the candles to be released from the mold without any damage.

The International Group, Inc. in PA and Canada


Contact: 1-800-561-3509

Mailing address: The International Group, Inc

1007 E. Spring St.

Titusville, PA 16354

They manufacture high quality waxes available in different varieties and in different packages.  Sustainability is also one of the aspects in which they do extensive efforts.

Keystone Candle Supply


Contact: 877-318-4179

Address: 93 Bickel Rd (11,832.53 km)

17842 Middleburg, PA, US

Keystone Candle Supply has candle making supplies along with fragrance oils. They also do custom labelling for businesses. The exciting part is that they have free shipping at the order of $59.

Maple Street Candle


Address: Main Office
2225 Route 217 South
Blairsville, PA. 15717 US

They have supplies at affordable prices and their business is designed in a way to assist you in your business either big or small. The best part of their business is their everyday deals on the products on their website.


Where to find candle making supplies in Rhode Island

Rustic Candle Company


Rustic Candle Company is a well known candle supplies manufacturing business based in Rhode Island. If you are someone from Rhode Island, you will certainly need assistance from this business in setting up your candle making business.


Where to find candle making supplies in South Carolina

The Chemistry Store


Contact Number: 800-224-1430

Address: 1133 Walter Price Rd, Cayce, SC 29033

The Chemistry Store has fragrance oils so if you are making scented candles, you will find a good range of fragrance oil at their business.


Where to find candle making supplies in Tennessee

Aztec Int’l Inc. (AZ


Contact Number: 1.800.369.5357




This business distributes candle making supplies at budget friendly prices. The great thing about this business is that it offers fast shipping services. Moreover, they are expanding their inventory as well which keeps them introducing new products.

Dream Vessels


Contact Number: (865) 722-7829

Address: 9234 Kingston Pike PMB 1037 Knoxville ,TN 37922

They offer premium candle jars at wholesale prices. Their stylish and colourful candle containers will certainly boost up your business and give your products a unique touch of elegance. If you are a Tennessee local and order before 3PM, you’ll have your order dispatched on the same day.


Texas is one of those lucky places that has a lot of candle making supplies distributors.

Where to find candle making supplies in Texas

AAA Candle Supply (AAA


Contact Number: 888-431-3737

Address: AAA Candle Supplies.

10460 Brockwood Road

Dallas, TX 75238

They have quality containers of glassware, clam shells, and tin. They also have Soy and Paraffin wax along with dyes, wicks and packages. Their business has everything you need to get started with your business.

Crimson Candle Supply


Contact Number: 903-740-5277

Address: 2042 E. Cotton St. • Longview, Tx 75602

Crimson Candle Supply has a large collection of Wax, wicks, containers, dyes, fragrances, additives and accessories. You will get almost everything you need for your business from them.



Contact: (713) 213-1645

Daystar supplies high quality fragrance oils for scented candles.

Houston Candle Supply


Contact Number: 2813589993

Address: Online Store,

Humble, TX. 77346


They are an online business of candle supplies. They claim to have good customer service.

Lonestar Candle Supply (LS)


Contact Number: (817) 741-0876

Address: Lone Star Candle Supply, Inc.

5800 Park Vista Circle Keller, TX 76244

Whether you make DIY candles, or own a large candle business, Lonestar has something for everyone. If you’re getting started, they have samples for fragrances, and they also have a large inventory for candle making supplies, accessories and equipment.

Southwest Candle Supply (SW)


Contact Number: (972) 686-1160

Address: 3149 I-30, Suite H

Mesquite, TX 75150

They provide undiluted high quality fragrances along with a great collection of candle making supplies.

Texas Candle Supply


Contact Number: 1-888-589-9523

They promise to offer amazing customer service and claim to provide high quality products and services. They don’t really have any storefront and only carry out all of their business online. Though they have discontinued the supply of wax and wicks, they do have other candle making supplies and oils for small and large businesses.


Where to find candle making supplies in Virginia

Virginia Candle Supply


They offer waxes, fragrance oils and wicks for candle making. Their fragrance oils also have a wide range of fragrances from sweet, to fruity, to floral.


Where to find candle making supplies in Washington

Bramble Berry (BB)


Contact Number:877-627-7883

Address: 2138 Humboldt St. Bellingham, Washington 98225

Bramble Berry has an amazing collection of fragrance oils. Along with that they also have waxes and containers for candles. They also have labels and packaging for businesses.

Cierra Candles


Contact Number: 866-907-2668

Address: Cierra Candle and Soap Making Supplies

2815 Baker Ave, STE 105

Everett, WA 98201


Their retail store remains closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On other business days, it remains open till 2PM. During COVID, the store follows strict SOPs. They also have guides and instructions for selecting waxes and dyes for candle making.

Swans Candle Making Supplies


Contact Number: (360) 264-4355

Address: Swans Candles

16524 Tilley Road S.

Tenino, Washington 98589

They offer waxes of different kinds such as soy, paraffin, beeswax, palm wax and natural waxes. They also provide a huge selection of fragrances. Orders are usually shipped in 24 hours.

Zenith Supplies


Contact Number: (206) 525-7997

Address: 6300 Roosevelt Way N.E. Seattle, WA 98115

Oils and Fragrance oils are the expertise of Zenith Supplies but they also offer candle making supplies such as waxes, wicks and melting pots.


Where to find candle making supplies in Wisconsin

Bitter Creak North (BCN)


Contact Number: 877-635-8929

Address: 42212 County Hwy. E ~ Ashland, WI 54806

They are known for assisting small candle making businesses. They don’t only have candle making supplies but also equipment needed for candle making such as pouring pots, thermometers, scales and wax melters.

Candle Cocoon (CC)


Contact Number: 608-233-9290

Their speciality is that they produce plant based products. However, they don’t have access open to the storefront but offer delivery and online orders.  From wicks to fragrances, you will find most things you need for your candle making business.

Nature’s Fragrance


Contact Number: 888-681-1536

Address: W5545 Davlin St. Sheldon, WI 54766

They sell containers, and dyes as well but fragrance oils are their specialities. They have fragrances suitable for all seasons. Nature’s fragrances also sell phthalate free and vanillin free fragrances.

The Jar Store


Contact Number:  860-826-1881

Address: 3699 Alum Creek Dr, SUITE B

Columbus, OH 43207

The Jar Store will provide you with candle jars. They have affordable prices and quality products. They also claim to have great customer service.

International Candle Making Suppliers


Where to find candle making supplies in Australia

Aussie Candle Supplies


Contact Number: 1300 135 489

Address: 12 Creative St, Wangara, Perth 6065.

They are an Australia based store selling a vast collection of candle making supplies such as soy waxes, wicks, dyes, and fragrances. Aussie Candle Supplies also sell candle containers along with equipment needed for candle making. They basically have everything you may need for your candle making business. They do have a warehouse/showroom in Perth but orders are supposed to be placed online.

Candle Supply


Contact Number: +61 2 8741 4000

Address: Candle Supply Pty Ltd

Unit 3/8-9 Lagana Pl

Wetherill Park NSW


They sell everything a candle making businesses may need. From oils, to equipment, this store has all that you need. Their prices are wholesale and you can visit their warehouse if you’re based in sydney.



Contact Number: 02 8316 5530

Address: 62 Blackshaw Ave, Mortdale , NSW ,2223, Australia

The best part about shopping at Eroma is that they offer discounts often. You also have options to customize your product.

Hawthorn Bay


Contact Number: 0417 262 191

Address: 354 Woodward Road



Hawthorn Bay has a huge collection of molds of different shapes for candles. They have square, tapered, cylindrical molds and more. These molds are designed in a way to ensure minimum leakage.

Heirloom Body Care


Contact Number:02 4722 2123

Address: Unit 9, 28 Coombes Drive



They have an extensive selection of candle making supplies. During COVID lockdowns, order collections aren’t an option at Heirloom Body Care so orders have to be placed online.


Where to find candle making supplies in Canada



Contact Number:705-789-1002

Address:  114 Lindgren Rd West, Unit #1b

Huntsville, ON P1H 1Y2

They are not a retail store nor do they have a showroom but they do offer pick ups. Each item they offer has a vast selection. Their items also appear to be of high quality and seem highly stylish.

Suds ‘n Scents


Contact Number:604-859-7837

Address: 31101 Creekside Drive, Abbotsford, B. C. V2T5J9

They only accept online orders but they do offer curbside pickup. The prices they offer at Suds ‘n Scents are affordable and they claim to have great customer service.

Village Craft & Candle


Contact Number: 519-284-9900

Address: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

This business offers fast shipping. Their collection of candle making supplies is quite extensive and brings you everything you need in order to get started with your DIY projects or your business start up.


Where to find candle making supplies in the United Kingdom

Just A Soap


Just A Soap offers free shipping on goods over  £50 in the UK. They have colours and some other candle making supplies but mostly Fragrance oils are their expertise in which they offer a huge variety.

The Soap Kitchen


Contact Number:+44 (0) 1237 420 872

Address: The Soap Kitchen Ltd

Unit 8, Caddsdown Industrial Park

Clovelly Road, Bideford, Devon,

EX39 3DX, United Kingdom.

They are a leading supplier of candle and soap making supplies in the UK. This business offers high quality products at low prices.


Where to find candle making supplies in New Zealand

New Zealand Candle Supplies


New Zealand Candle Supplies has a variety of candle making, soap making, essential oils, fragrance oils, and cosmetic ingredients.

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